The search

January 23, 2017

While siara plays with max I look for the chicken and feel the icy wind as cold as ice making me want to give up
I go behind the barn where she usually is so that she can find and eat worms
The chicken wasn't over there but our yard is as big as saturn but little amount of things out there

Once I got done looking around the yard and the garage I go to siara to ask or help
When I got there I say salutations but siara didn't respond she looked frustrated
I asked for her transgressions and she told me max ran off somewhere and didn't listen
I look around and there was no sight of max
But after that she asked me if I found the chicken and I said no

We started looking for clods in the rain and I started to get cold and wet
I touch the squishy moist dirt like they do in detective shows and stuff
After that waste of time I go inside to grab the leash for when we find him
Once we got back we go talk about the places we look and we didn't look in the willow tree

When we got there we found the chicken and so we tried to traped it but we chased it to the barn
While we were running towards the barn we saw max running behind us
So siara yelled at him stop but he kept going towards the chicken

When we got there the chicken was cornered and max was grabbed by his tail
So I grab the leash and gave it to siara and she snached it from my hand
I grab the chicken with some help after she put max in his cage outside
So we brought max and we watch tv while max was locked up inside

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