You Can't Say That!

February 3, 2017
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You can’t say that!
If you do, you’ll make Jan sad!
You can’t say that!
If you do, you’ll make Susan mad!
So you sit in silence, being as quiet as a mime.
Because apparently, speaking your mind is a crime.

Your girlfriend dumps you for another guy,
“Oh don’t worry! You just need some time!”
Only they don’t realize you did everything for her.
So you lie awake at night, flat and still like a dead body.
You wanna tell her how you feel until,
you realize that that’ll piss off her new guy.

Where does it end?
Speaking your mind now gets you in trouble.
So you keep your thoughts trapped away in a bubble,
almost like all the little beads trapped in a bean bag.
So you sit in silence, silently staring,
Just minding your own business. 

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