Where I am from

February 3, 2017
By Buddhapoo96 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Buddhapoo96 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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 I came from trash and broken shoes from the street.

Now I come from nothing to worry about.
I came from screaming voices.
Now I come from coming together in peace.
I came from dead leaves and dead trees.
   Now I come from seeing trees.

I came from a lost kid with nowhere to go.
Now I come from waking up with clothes to fold.
I came from low poverty to high standards to doing chores.
Now I come from money, to fresh scent to smell.
I came from the same clothes for 3 weeks, and no bed set.
Now I come from a place that I set.

I came from getting up with no sleep, to go to work to make money then to school.
Now I come from enough sleep, making money and an education too.
I came from no one to motivate me, to driving to school, to no one cares, just me and my shoes
Now I come from four-wheels, and people who care and motivate me.

I came from a cave can’t see its dark, tripping over things with a place to chill and eat.
Now I come from light like the city of Las Vegas so bright I can see what I have around me.
I came from dark cloudy days, felt low even on bright summery days.
Now I come from warm nights, to cold mornings, to cozy PJ’s.

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