March 14, 2009
By Ashley Smiskey SILVER, Onsted, Michigan
Ashley Smiskey SILVER, Onsted, Michigan
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I hope you find a paradise
Where you least expect it
I reckon you should encounter a helpful harbor
When you're on shore
I find strength if you happen to discover sunlight
In the darkest cavern
I aspire that you'll find truth
While lost in a sea of doubt
I trust you will think of responses
When there are unanswered questions
I will be cheerful if you find a path of sand
While walking on a road of stone
I anticipate you will discover a friend
If confronted by a swarm of enemies
I shall be comforted should you find water
While forging your way through the driest desert
I will be eager should you succeed
Even when every odd is against you
I am reassured when you triumph
Amongst the greatest of defeats
I obtain confidence should you discover relief
When you encounter the ultimate stress
I feel a sense of promise when you keep a secret
While tempted with all riches of the world to reveal it
I will feel uplifted should you dream
Throughout your worst nightmares
I am ambitious when you make a speech
Even when words fail many others
I shall be enlightened when you find intelligence
While amongst a heard of fools
I desire for you to find an inspiration
Hidden in something completely unexpected
I feel inspired should you come to love
Where everyone sees only hatred
I find faith if you catch yourself smiling
When you meet the face of death
I pray that you'll always find beauty
Even when the world looks so ugly

The author's comments:
I meet a person who was very pessimistic about how they saw the world and I try to always see the world with a silver linning. So I hoped that by writing this poem that this person and others that feel similarly will be able to better see life and the good things rather than the bad.

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