I was watching a Movie one time

March 13, 2009
By dontcryformeArgentina BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
dontcryformeArgentina BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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This one time I was watching this movie
And there was this part
This part where the girl Ann the main character was with her lover
Well she was laying on him not laying but leaning
Because they were sitting on the floor against the wall
They were talking just randomness you know
I guess they had sex I mean the girl was in a camie and some panties and the dude was in some blue jeans
(I have a point I promise)
They kept making out she kissed him on his neck and cheek and lips
Then Ann ask him to read her a story they sit there and she tilts her head upwards against his chin and kisses him
But it was not a real kiss though'well maybe a real one
Anyway it was beautiful I almost cried
Because it reminded me of this one time and another time and another time
But let us stray away from the romantic quickly
When I was little I loved hugging my parents and kissing them
So I would hold on and just rest my lips on their cheek
I still do it sometimes
But now it's not as cute my mom doesn't really have time for me or herself with 2 or 3 jobs that she has
Anyway this other time I kissed my friend on the cheek like that
But I cant really remember when or why
I guess I'm not supposed to
But what I was doing was like sharing intimacy with him I mean being intimate
Not in a sex way though I just wanted to show him I loved him enough to kiss like that
It eventually led on to something else but at first when I was holding him or hugging or whatever I was doing
Through all that I was telling him I love'you
Doesn't matter now though because I realize I didn't love him at all,
So it was a waste it's like when people go out and have sex for the first time
They thought it was going to be this extravagant thing
Like they are going to hit ecstasy and never come back
Some do but others
They realize it was the biggest mistake of their lives, that they should have waited
They gave away the biggest chunk of their heart
They could give to some guy she thought loved her
They could give to some girl he thought was only his
I know right now you're thinking what does this have to do with kissing Amari?
Well it has everything to do with kissing
I only touched you with my lips
Upon thy cheek I rested them
No sound no pucker was needed
Because I knew you would take me how I am
You let me perch my what you thought perfect lips upon thy cheek
You let me smell your wonderful aroma of cigarettes across thy face
Yet I still I haven't really answered my question
The point is, the fact of the matter is I kiss my parents with these lips and show unconditional love
The love between me and them and me and you are to different things but still
Who is worthy enough besides God to share this gift with
You must be thought highly of, understand that
Because I do not go around perching my lips upon peoples cheek constantly'
And girls do not go around giving it up to random people that do not 'love them'
And guys do not go around giving to random people that 'get around'
So by Ann's love for this man was amazing, not only did you see it in her face but you saw it in her kiss

The author's comments:
so this is a free verse poem try story with a little fiction to it i love what i do hope ya do too

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