March 13, 2009
By TheOneYouNeed BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
TheOneYouNeed BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
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I watch you as you pass by me,
I act as if i didn't see,
But deep inside i find it true,
That i cant be a way from you,
I want to tell you but don't know how,
So ill avoid you, just for now.
I lay down and close my eyes,
And when i wake i see the sky's.
And in the sky's there you are,
Shining like the brightest star.
But then your light begins to fade,
And i awake scared and afraid.
That's when i knew it to be true,
That tonight was the night i had to tell you,
I couldn't keep living in partial light,
I needed you to make my life bright,
But when i arrived it was to late,
Why oh why did i have to wait,
I curse myself for waiting so long,
I should have told you all along,
But now your gone and im confused,
I should have to you i loved you.

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