I am your voice

March 12, 2009
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I am your Voice.

To all the little girls and boys kidnapped into working 14-hour days, no medical help, no family or pay.
I am your friend
I am your comfort
I am here to stay
I'm not giving up on you.
I'm your voice.
To you young girls may someone watch over you when you go out at night. Those men pay you for an hour, but their taking more than that from you.
I am the arms wide open
I am the one you can turn to
I am the trust
I am your voice
For you amazing children fighting a war in your own back yard, for all you children captured and traveling by night, losing so much and killing your own family.
I am your safety
I am your hope
I am your piece of mind
I am your voice
For all the children, men and woman, old and young, any color, any belief.
I am your voice
I'm going to be the one that takes Your hand and guides you home again.
I'm going to be the one to keep you safe every day.
I'm going to be the one to watch over you.
I'm not going to let any one hurt you again.
I'm going to be the one to love you.
I am your voice
I will talk for you; spread the word while you're at work.
Maybe one day you can talk for your self.
For now, I am your voice.

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