Forever Denied

March 12, 2009
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Forever Denied

In the dark world his corpse lay
He was closing at the bay

The wind comes and the wind goes
Was he forced, no one knows?

His red sword was taken
His heart was broken

The people who he cared for were dead
But most of them were mislead

His sworn enemy was defeated
But his chances succeeded

His life was taken by the person he trusts
Should revenge be must?

In the dark world his corpse lay
He was closing at the bay

His ruby dragon lay dead
His last words were unsaid

Would the truths be revealed?
Would they regret what they concealed?

His life was over death had come
Would his name be poison to some?

His beloved dead for him by him
Would the sin take him?

He did love her that was for sure
But she did not; she fell for another lure

His heart was broken his life was taken
Only one thing was left unseeken

In the dark world his corpse lay
His body would soon decay

His heart will be in the heart
The trinket is safe beside the cart

His duties were taken
His heart had rarely been soften

He laid there for the centuries to come
His problems were heavy to what he had become.

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Croat_1993 said...
Aug. 10, 2009 at 3:00 pm
PHAVI IS THE BEST! I like your every song phavi. and I am really glad that we can stay in touch through chess :)
hugs my lil sis :)
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