What you did

March 12, 2009
By Keasha GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
Keasha GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
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Your like any other guy
Get what you want and leave
Well look at what it did to me
I am sitting here writing it down
Because I cant tell anyone
Only this paper and pen knows
But now you have read it you know
Well it is no longer a secret
I might as well tell you
Guys are dumb everyone of 'em
No matter who they are
Or what they do
They are all the same
This is one Jerk in particular
He comes and he goes
With all the girls
Breaks up friendships
And makes you cry
All he says is 'Sorry'
And walks away
Not anymore
I have set him in his place
He may have made me cry
But he wont do it again
Go ahead and do what you want
And ruin your life and
Your reputation
No one can trust you
Because of what you did
And you deserve to be
Treated like this
Not me.
So I say it now.
It was YOUR fault.

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