March 11, 2009
By TigerLily212 GOLD, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
TigerLily212 GOLD, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
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"In the end we're all lines on the concrete drawn only to be washed away in the time I've been given I am what I am." - Never Enough by Five Finger Death Punch

Please make the people go away.
Make them go away and never come back.
Just let keep some like the "emos", "goths", "skaters", "freaks" and "abnormals".
But please, please take away the "preps", "jerks", "jocks", "the girly girls" and the "a** holes".
Just let me keep the freaks.
The people like me.
But I guess if you take away the unlike us, we would no longer be us.
There'd be no reasons for lables.
We'd no longer be the "outsiders" and the "outcast".
So I guess you'll have to keep the world the way it, is but could you maybe take away the lables?

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td13 said...
on Apr. 9 2009 at 10:47 pm
love ur poem

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