March 11, 2009

Look down your memory lane
remember of the stories sweet
your father made
or the luring lullabies
your mother sung
while on her lap
were you clung
How creative they were
for every story they told
was a new one.

The green tree in the park
there you see a bird in its bark
hopping on and off, collecting twigs and grass
trying to makes its nest as strong as brass
keeping it comfortable as could be
how proud of the mother's creativity would her chicks be.

now creative is the one
who made this wonderful world
seeing a cabbage grow
on a little stem in row
makes you wonder
and the flowers of different colors
that grow and blossom
all this make you feel plumb.

so wake up and feel
the creative vibe
in the things you are surrounded by
learn a lesson or two
that's what they plea you to do.

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