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November 15, 2016

Wanna go to the club?
Her grandma would ask.
Mickey would always nod
And play along.
"Yeah, gramma. let's go!"

She knew her grandmother
Had suffered from many strokes.
Mickey's grandma would tell her
"I'm 42! And she,"
Referring to Mickey's mom
"Is my sister!"

Michaela walked into school
On Wednesday
I knew she seemed off.
I asked her if she was okay in class.
She nodded.
But then she said,
"My grandma died."

I just hugged her.
For a long time.
I knew what it felt like
To lose a grandparent.

She was so strong.
My grandpa died over February break
So I didn't have to go to school.
I couldn't have been as strong as her.

I texted her that evening saying
it's okay to cry
it gets better
that's why you have friends and family

She replied with a bunch of hearts.
I smiled. That was Mickey.
Always strong.
Even at the club.

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