Lost And Falling Down

March 10, 2009
By Tyler Grieve BRONZE, Dalton, New Hampshire
Tyler Grieve BRONZE, Dalton, New Hampshire
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its hard to believe
that its gone
its hard to believe
the one that gave up
was you

you always said
it was gonna be me
its so ironic
look now
it wasn't me

do you wonder
the mysterious what ifs?
do you notice
when I glance your way
do you know
I feel the same way?

Plato never had a chance
I still see those second glances
its ok
and I wonder if you miss it too

im here
lost and falling down
where are you now
you're just pictures in my head

don't hit reply
leave the phone off the hook
you don't need it anyway
no, not today

out of control
I attack this disregard
where were you
when I needed you the most
you were in the back
falling away too

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