March 10, 2009
By Aleak GOLD, Oregon, Wisconsin
Aleak GOLD, Oregon, Wisconsin
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I lay here abandoned and disheveled
in the corner of a now dark room.
The only light emits from a red
and glowing digital clock.

Oh, how I long to go back in time,
to the meeting of so many people
of all shapes and sizes.
Until, one day she called me her own.
We got along the moment we met

She took me home
And told me I made her feel so beautiful
I sparkled at those words
And we twirled with each other for awhile.

One night,
She took me dancing and
I was there for her first kiss.

But when we returned home,
She was quick to throw me in a corner.
As if I didn't matter.
As if I didn't make her feel beautiful.

I'm now beginning to wrinkle.
I'm now beginning to collect dust.

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