Oregon Trial Acrostic

November 18, 2016
By ScarletRose97 BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
ScarletRose97 BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
my old account is Scarletroseann, my Quote remains the same as that one.

Onto Oregon City is were we want to be
Red, white & blue flags hang aloft some wagon trains
Eatting beans on the trail is good with meat, bread, & dried fruit as well
Gone to Oregon or California or to Santa Fe for some
Onword bound is what we are
Non-stop walking for days and days

Towns are few but land is more
Rail roads are none...for now
Air is filled with dust all around
In winter we await the spring
Loving the new land the trail is done...for some.

The author's comments:

one of my favorit from my other account. The Oregon Trail is something I loved learing about when I was younger. Enjoy

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