a family

November 15, 2016

A father, stranded  in the middle of a desert, lost in the sandstorms of his past.
A daughter looking for a way to escape from getting blown into the sandstorm of  a past unknown.
A mother moving on like the last 20 years mean nothing
The daughter fighting her own battle with noone to turn to.
A sister who thinks she can control the past and turn the present around and predict the future.
A family, broken
A family brought down by sand swaying through the desert like life sways through time in an attempt to live.
The father, he hides his past like the sand blowing hides the blue sky and  the sun.
The mother, she thinks that life is gonna be as easy as 123 or abc now that the demon of her past is getting lost in the desert of destruction.
A desert destroys a family simply not meant to be.
A family deteriorated and destroyed.      

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