Poetry Eyes

March 10, 2009
By Peyton Heltzel BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
Peyton Heltzel BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
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As I scooted closer to him, he slowly turned to look at me.
And as he did he asked, 'Do you like poetry?' I nodded my head. 'Yeah, I like poetry too.' He said. He sat there silently. In my head I spoke the words, I only wanted to badly to say:

You are a poem.
Your words flow from your tongue,
like a stanza flows on a page,
and when you turn your gaze to me,
I see the lines of poetry flowing through your mind.
So many words,
so little time,
so when is the time that I may say all the little petty words.
That come to mind,
as I turn to you I see the poetry in your eyes.
And when you look away all the sunshine in my world is gone.
My world is left bleak,
filled with darkness in my void,
my mind.
You pull me under;
you drown me in your love.
But it was enough,
when you stared into my eyes that first time.
Freezing me in place,
as you stitched your way into my heart.

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