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I got nothing. 
No story to be told.
No poem to be read.
No artwork to show.

I have no voice to be heard.
No song to be sung.

My mind is an empty space,
just waiting to be filled.

I am that girl who hides from her mind to escape the fear  that try,s  bringing her to her  knees in a burst of tears and anger.
That' runs her mind. 

The fear of being forgotten
and forgetting the people that surround her day by day and night by night with open arms.
Warm thoughts of how much people need her, but she rejects anyway because her mind is lost.

Afraid of the light
in the darkness
of her dim self.

I got something
Stories to hear
A voice to speak
A mind to strengthen
an empty space to fill.
This is who i am    


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