Season's Sorrow

November 9, 2016
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She whips through the Summer air,
Tearing the leaves off the trees.
Letting loose her anger without a care.
Blowing coldness throughout the infinite seas,
Spreading darkness for us to wear.
But through that darkness we can see
Colors so beautiful, yet bare.

Ripping the colors out of the world,
Leaving all barren, crisp and cold.
She realizes all of the damage she has done,
And wallows in tears with no heat from the sun.

Up in the forest she starts to cheer up,
Noticing a small blooming buttercup.
The buttercup blossoms and spreads its bliss,
And soon there are many plants to be kissed.
They bring back the beautiful life of the Earth,
And bring about a flurry of new birth.


When this happens, the girl is so proud.
She suddenly laughs extremely loud.
She gathers up bunches and bunches of sun,
Throws it all up in the sky as a ton. 
Happy and joyful she spreads a wide smile,
Her faith in life is restored for a while.

Then the leaves start to drop,
Millions of brilliant colors pop.
Knowing her happiness has almost run out,
She starts to scream then she starts to shout.
She tries to reverse time and stay happy,
But soon her happiness becomes quite sappy.
She tries stop feeling so sad,
But fails quickly and becomes really mad.

Times come and go quite fast,
Everything arises from the past.
Life passes in the blink of an eye,
Even seasons have to die.

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