Man Down!

November 9, 2016
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Me,Elijah,and Aniya were all in my bedroom
Which is all the way upstairs,
It's almost 5 o’clock at night
So we all got hungry after a while,
Soon we decided to go to the kitchen.

I was the first one to the stairs,
Elijah was second,
Then came Aniya,
She was always third,
Aniya pushed Elijah,
Then Elijah pushed me,
And sooner than later we fell down the stairs,

There was a huge thunder noise ,
As we fell down these stairs,
Elijah started to cry “I think i twisted my ankle!”,
It looked like it had soreness,
But that came after a while,

My mom came dashing like a cheetah down the hallway,
“Are you all okay”She asked us but,
Elijah was crying in pain,
So after she asked he showed her his ankle,
It looked it like a purple popsicle,

My mom ran to the kitchen,
And grabbed an ice pack,
We put it on for almost 2 hours,
But after that two hours of sitting he was alright,

So my mom told all of us “NEVER play on the stairs again!”,
Me Elijah and Aniya all looked at each other,
Then we all said “O.K.”
But 3 weeks after it happened all over again

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