My Personal Universe

March 5, 2009
By SC M BRONZE, Darien, Connecticut
SC M BRONZE, Darien, Connecticut
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Its warm,
She's always there,
My teddy bear with chewed sides,
Rugged and torn,
Twisted till indelible
She makes my heart all fuzzy.

I loved that piece of paper than anyone could know,
It was artistic, sensible, a guru
What ever I needed, the answers would appear,
On that torn piece of paper,
You could say I had pathetic fallacy,
Loving thy inanimate objects.

My dad and I sat in the car,
I wouldn't say that we were perfect examples of verbose,
You could always depend on sister to be loquacious
Sometimes we couldn't get her to be quiet.
But that was her purpose in life,
To talk

Very thin,
With delicious beer soaked breadcrumbs,
Fried to perfection,
That is the wondrous flavor of schnitzel.

One might say I was silly,
I prefer exuberant,
Some might say I am overreacting,
I prefer moody,
Some might say I am weird,
I prefer dramatic.

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