Locked Out

November 8, 2016
By Anonymous

With my dad pumping gas at a BP
Me, my mom, and my sister
Hobbled out of the car into Florida's hot heat
Which was as warm as a cup of boiled tea.

Our thoughts were accompanied by a subtle “Click” noise
and we realized we locked our keys in the car,
Several hundred cities away from our home state
We begun to panic and our hearts broke out at a speeding rate.

We gathered into a cluster
And started to wonder
“What’s next?” we asked ourselves
Our hearts rested on calling a locksmith, so we did.

The four of us stood static for about two hours
Standing outside of the car like stranded ducks.
My boredom started to build towers
As we waited and waited.
when we saw the locksmith arrive smiles grew on our faces
Just starting to lose the aspect of patients.

He used a straightened coat hanger to unlock the driver's seat door
And that day we left with a message
Don’t all jump out of the car at once, therefore
Causing a lot of waiting around
With tired eyes and heavy hearts

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