BIg Beautiful Earth

March 8, 2009
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Big, beautiful, full of life
So many different elements it with holds
For us to enjoy all of them whole
Its big, blue blanket that dances from side to side
up and down all around
So much life it contains yet we live off its remains
Its wide space lets us open our wings
and fly all around its wide big grassy plains
The wind embraces our freedom
In this big beautiful kingdom

Swish, Whoosh, Swish
The wind explores this planet
The waters explore the shores
What do we explore?
The desserts, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes
all these things takes space in this beautiful place
that we live in such rapid pace

Everything goes by
Earth, death, birth, beauties, adventures
all earth containing them
Yet we are still complaining
But we are the ones not obtaining
And just restraining
Such a big beautiful earth so used but so misused.

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