March 8, 2009
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I watch you
And reach my hand out
I wish I could shield you
Shield you from the pain

The pain you let her pour on you
Like acid
Burning you everywhere
But your arms are wide open

I know you expect her to
Come to you arms
Be held
Be healed
But instead she pours down the pain

I want to jump in front of you
Protect you
Let the acid burn me
If only you could be safe

But you push me away
Try to save me
And I watch it eat you alive
As you sacrifice yourself to take away her pain

But her pain never ends
It keeps pouring long after it's engulfed you
And I watch, helpless, with hot, angry tears
Wishing I could reverse it all

Then I remember it hasn't happened yet
You're still here, though the acid still pours
And I still have time to try to save you
But what can I do?

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