Bringing You Back

March 8, 2009
By _cgirl921 PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
_cgirl921 PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
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I wish I could make you hear me
Wish I could find the weak spot

in the wall you've built
Wish I could convince you to let it crumble

let it wash away in the river of tears

Healing tears
Wish you would let down your defenses
Let yourself feel
Let yourself live

I wish you would set down your baggage
Let Him take it away
Realize it's not about you
It's about Him
And He loves you
Wants you to stop suffering

But you can't hear me
As I shout all this to you
All you can hear are the lies
Whispered in your ears.

And you listen to them
You make them the foundation

of this wall you build
And still, you can't hear
And you look away
Look at the wall
And nothing else

And the truth is,

I can't get through

Because I'm like you



But I can be strong
Through His strength
And His is the strength
That can get you through

You can't even free yourself
Only He can
If you lift your head
And look into His eyes

And let go.

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