Ava Rose

March 8, 2009
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Ava Rose

Ava Rose
Such delicate fingers and toes.
Brilliant white washed skin,
As if bleached to match your bones.
But such dark set eyes
That flicker like ominous winter skies.
Yes, winter should have been your name.

Ava Rose
Such bouncing curls and colorful bows.
How do you keep your dark ringlets
So clean?
Tie them back and show your
Porcelain doll face.
Your young beauty, so pure.
Yet it scares me.

Ava Rose
With thick lashes and a tiny nose.
You wrap your satin arms around me.
Oh, you are so cold
And what piercing looks of royalty.
Oh yes,
Winter should have been your name.
Little demon.

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