Nature's Transformation

March 8, 2009
By Evan Peller BRONZE, Melville, New York
Evan Peller BRONZE, Melville, New York
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Spring is the luminescence of flowers looking you in the eye.
It is the frozen past passing you by.
It is the flying of airplanes to extraordinary places.
Spring is the budding of colorful new faces.

Summer is the sun's blazing yellow beams creating a celebration of hope.
It is waves crashing calmly on the serene beach slope.
It is the droplets of chocolate fudge ice cream being drowned by many tongues.
Summer is the laughter and excitement; that's why kids scream at the top of their lungs.

Fall is the radiant rainbow emerging from the sky.
It is the sadness of the trees seeing their leaves fly.
It is the dark and frightening Halloween decoration.
Fall is the birds spreading their wings, going down south in warm anticipation.

Winter is the fluffy white snow landing on the ground.
It is the fireplace flaming with red, orange and blue that is a reassuring sound.
It is the gliding of skiers, snowboarders, and sledders wildly whirling around the mountain tops.
Winter is frost resting on the ground covering the summer crops.

Birth is the baby birds chirping on warm spring days.
It is the meerkats popping their heads out of their holes where the desert lays.
It is the opening of the daffodils and tulips when a steady rain drizzles upon their base.
Birth is the joy that the thousands of creatures share, a glimmering new face.

Death is a chainsaw biting down a tree.
It is the polluting water that inhabits the sea.
It is the bullet buzzing by the trees and grass, sending an end to an animal's life.
Death is global warming causing creatures of all kinds an everlasting strife.

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