I Miss.....

March 7, 2009
By rosie choate BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
rosie choate BRONZE, Lake Elsinore, California
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We never wanted you to leave, me most of all
That night after dessert when we got that devastating call
I ran into my room and cried and cried
I wanted to get over you I tried
But you will always be in my heart
I miss your smile
And when no ones looking I still cry every once in a while
I want you to talk to me about the submarines
Just like that last time I saw you
Every Saturday after February 9 I will still cry
I will think about you
We always talked about the unthinkable
The untrue
I was always there for you
Didn't care about your Alzheimer's
You talked to me like you cared
Even forget I was there sometimes
But I don't care none of that will ever change
You will be in my heart forever
I need you forever
I miss your laugh
You even visit me in my dreams every once in a while
I still cry when I think no ones listening or watching
I want you in my heart forever
I no your in a better place now
But just want to see your face to know you're in the right place
Its still different know but your still here
I miss you
You will always be in my heart

The author's comments:
i got inspired to write this poem on 2.11.08. after i lost the first person who was very close to me. i wrote this poem out of my heart, i no its not perfect because this was the frist poem i wrote for real, no little elementary funny ones that dont make sense. since 2.09.08 i have lost 2 other people that meant alot to me. one was on november 11th and the other on new years eve. since 2.11.08 i have been writing poems and i currently have about 30 poems written, i hope you like my poems, cuz it comes start from the heart and means alot to me

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