My life

March 6, 2009
By Diabolical_Bird BRONZE, La Junta, Colorado
Diabolical_Bird BRONZE, La Junta, Colorado
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Is it normal to be stalked by the tooth fairy?
Is it normal to dream of being a bird?
Is it normal to imagine your teachers as fish?
Is your best friend being cat woman absurd?

It must be
For it happens to me
And I can see
That they envy
My life.

It's not exciting
No wars to be fighting
And no fish are biting
But not boring at all

The never ending monotony
And the daily monstrosities
That add adventure to
My life

Oh love is blooming
My cat is self-grooming
And I am very bored
And the theme of this poem escapes my mind
My memory is torn.

What was it about originally,
I wonder here and now.
Was it about space aliens?
Vegetarians hugging cows?

No! I cry
Do not make light
Of the randomness that is
My life

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