Where Are We?

March 5, 2009
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Where Are We?
What are we?
What will we become?
With a mouth full of words
And a song that's unsung.
Searching for a purpose
While we neglect our own.
Trying to fix the world
By deposing kings from their thrones.
Living in a time
When love is just a myth lost at sea.
Every soul in distress
And deprived of peace.
Worshiping and idolizing
Those with a golden completion,
And those who are pure of heart
We strip of affection.
These things we possess
They own us too.
The disease of wealth
Has affected all, but a few.
Accumulating greed
As will find
Destroys the soul
And robs us blind.
The style in which we live
Is the style in which we die.
Be remembered for your love
So when your time comes there is someone there to cry.
Of life's perplexing abyss
We aspire to be free,
Yet we put on the blindfold
As willingly as we see.
We were meant to be great.
We are so much more.
If we just let it we could shine with brilliance
That no one could ignore.
The day we hold our tongues
And open our hearts
Is the day sin stops
and love starts.

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