Tell Me Normal

March 5, 2009
What is normal?
Define normal.
Is it natural?
Define natural.
Is it what people expect?
How can they expect it?
Is a person normal if they have mental problems?
Is a person normal when they say they are?
What person is normal?
If you look at the paintings in a museum,
Their all different,
And people judge them.
But their unique in their own way,
Can't people be unique?
How do they have the right to judge?
Between what's normal?
They can't but they do it anyway.
They find them selves to be normal,
And anyone not their friend unnatural.
They don't understand no one can be normal.

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amani said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 8:52 am
i love this one i have the same name for my article kinda my is called define normal ur's makes me think i like tht.
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