Come Back Home

March 5, 2009
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The nights my head slept on your shoulder,
the moment you told me we were over.
The days we laughed with no end in sight,
the times I knew we weren't worth the fight.
The morning I woke up to your smiling face,
the tears I cried when you were gone without a trace.
Jumping into the unknown, landing in your arms
the first time I met you, falling for your charms.
Driving as fast as we could, not slowing down soon,
I remember when I held my head up, all I saw was the moon.
My fingers down your back, your breath on my neck,
I lost my heart forever, but I new gained self-respect,
Looked back on everything, but found nothing I regret.
I followed my own voice, the one that told me not to forget.
Love took center stage, the season flew right by..
Now waking up in October, I wonder if it was even me living that life.

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