Broken Mind

October 2, 2016
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Broken mind,

Beyond repair.
I can’t remember
Who I am.
Behind this face
A lost soul resides.
How do I find
My way back home?
Lost and stranded,
As darkness engulfs me.
No one to help,
No one to hear
The piercing screams
Coming from within me.
My throat is raw
From my cries.
My cheeks,
Wet from my tears.
My body is hungry
For salvation.
Whilst my heart is crumbling
Into dust.
No hope finds me.
Broken mind,
Beyond repair.
There no escaping
What’s to come.
A spoken whisper
Finds my ears.
Slowly traveling
Towards the call
I peer through a blank stare
As I find myself trapped inside
The very mind that they call mine.
Behind the voice
There is a man.
Calling for me with no return.
I tried to yell,
I tried to scream,
“I’m inside here!
Come save me!”
He turns around
And walks away.
Leaving me trapped
Within my skull.
No one to hear my cries for help,
No one to see my dampened cheeks,
No one to help me repair my mind,
No one to save me from myself.

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