My Lovely Lonely Shell

March 4, 2009
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My Lovely Lonely Shell:

As I look out over the waters
and see the night sky turn to black
and the nighttime stars sparkle like diamonds
over my few water-bound friends.
I turn my head to the side
and think of all things
that my life has brought to me
what knowledge that it creates.
There is school, boring as it is,
that teaches me so well
and all my friends that drag themselves there
and take me from my lonely shell.
My lovely lonely shell of silence
my lovely lonely shell of peace
my lovely lonely shell that lingers
by my own personal self.
My lovely lonely shell that has
the things that I love most,
from silence to peace to kindness
to my own, solitary voice.
My lovely lonely shell that I love
just for being there when needed.
Ah, my lovely lonely shell of peace and silence,
what content that it brings!
My lovely lonely shell that has
but one extremely important thing
my prize and love and pride so dear
that can never escape my grasp.
I lack but one thing in my shell;
The one reason that I care to leave
Is not friends nor family nor boredom nor love
But a curiosity that burns on my tongue.
I only wish to understand the earth,
to understand the sea,
to understand life,
to understand all that I cannot possibly contemplate.
My lovely lonely shell,
that I hold near and dear to my heart,
cannot possibly ponder
the meaning of my insatiable curiosity.
And so, to my countless friends,
I turn my back and bid them ado
as I attempt to concentrate on understanding
all of the various things that elude my mind.

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Frenchfrylicious said...
Sept. 5, 2009 at 7:03 pm
I feel that way as well and i am still trying to understand.
Very good!
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