Who I Am

September 28, 2016
By Anonymous

I wake up each morning

for an exciting new day.

Spending time with my

friends with a smile on my face.

Laughing and having fun

is what I do almost everyday.

I'm funny, friendly,

and filled with happiness.

Catch me everyday with

my friends saying hey.

I go home, enjoying

spending time with my family.

I love to have fun,

party, and celebrate!

I have lots of thoughtfulness,

and curiousity, that my mind gets carried away.

I daydream, thinking of all my memories,

but don't mind me, I'm not asleep.

I don't care indoors or outdoors,

just as long as we can enjoy and explore.

Blyss is what they call me,

yep that's my name!

No matter what you say,

it's still not the same.

I love making new friends with everyone,

I'm sorry if I'm not Superman, who saves the day!

Let's do this, I'm all in for fun and gams!

Let's learn, have fun, and live our young lives

while we still can and have the chance!

The author's comments:

This poem decribes things about me, what I do, and what I like.

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