March 4, 2009
By Anonymous


The crowd roars
when the team comes out.
The team comes out, jumping and screaming.
When the ball is kicked,
high in the air,
snapshots of pictures are seen everywhere.
The ball is hiked
with all the quarterbacks might
He chucks the ball
to be caught in the arms of a wide receiver.
The ball is in the endzone,
TOUCHDOWN, yells the announcer
and the fans rise from their seats
and begin to chant 'Touchdown, touchdown'.
The game is coming to an end
all the players are tired and happy.
The game is soon done.
When the clock hits zero,
the fans grow sad.
The game is now over and their team did pretty badly.
Then they think to themselves
as they drive out of sight,
happy football to all and see you Monday Night!!

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece of work, because football is my favorite sport.

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