Breathe Easily

March 3, 2009
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Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Just standing here, all side by side
Waiting our turn by the earthen mound
'Till the scary man takes our group around

When will the persecution end?
No one else will for our people defend.
They turn their cheeks, stick up their noses
So we're taken away, like trampled roses

If the Catholics were murdered, or even the blacks
Would the others still feign the courage they lack?
Or the blondes or the Russians or maybe the Swiss
Surely they'd have their neighbors' final blessed kiss.

But we're found atrocious, dirty, appalling'
Wait! Over there! There's a brave young man stalling!
He's not Jewish, but a stranger instead.
But oh no! They killed him, shot him dead.

One person alone can't defeat a world's tether
But it's easy once people learn to stand together!
The scary man's leading us into the pit
Dug by fallen workers, bit by bit

A heavyset man swings his legs to and fro
A whip and a smoking gun currently in tow
He carelessly scratches his hair, dark and greasy
Can killing millions of innocents be so easy?

We're forced to lie down on the ground, cold like lead
Its surface moistened and stained a deep red.
The large man hops over and heads down the line
Shooting the necks at another man's sign

I find the hand of my younger brother
Which is met with a sharp kick and the death of my mother
And finally, as the evil man lifts his gun to me
Just one shot, and I can breathe easily.

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