Glass Bubble

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I have a bubble around me.
It's about three feet wide.
You can't come near this bubble
Or I'll wince
And step aside.
This bubble isn't made of water
It's not soapy
shiny and pink.
It's more like glass,
Hard, cold
And it never, ever shrinks.
I know you think I'm crazy
And kind of painfully shy.
But believe me when I tell you
I can't get out, I've tried.
I've tried to crack it,
I've tried to smash it all to pieces
I've looked for locks and keys
Felt for any creases.
There's a bubble around me
That implies I really don't like you.
But it's not the truth.
Just know you can't get me out of it
It's something that I have to do.

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