March 3, 2009
By Mike Saxer BRONZE, Saint Petersburg, Florida
Mike Saxer BRONZE, Saint Petersburg, Florida
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133,306,668 pairs of wings were lost to hell
So many people's souls followed and fell
Rewriting the books at will one page at a time
Finding punishment where there is no crime
They replaced their bells with drums of war
After claiming it was light they fought for
They pounded swords out of a shield
And walked with robes to the battle fields
They twisted light into evil worse then dark
And in exchange they lost their hearts

Terrorism and control through fear is not the way
Brutality, bloodshed, bombing will number your days
You cannot save one life by killing countless others
You cannot just fix one problem with another
To save the unborn children from needless wrath
Fight with your will and words not bloodbaths
You undermine yourself with words of gloom
Speak of hope and of light not death and doom
Violence and threats simply close the ears
Speak with strength yet empathy or no one will hear

You were taught never to hate, always to love
But you follow the vulture and deny the dove
Satan speaks in the discrimination you say
And you reject the light when you strike a gay
You speak of salvation and then you condemn
You undo your words as you attack them
The world listens to you and they obey
Is this the message you wish to convey?
Your leaders of love so why do you hate?
Can you not see the problems that you create?

Since the shift the faithless have taken shots
Crucified in court and in the streets fought
But can you blame their lack of conviction?
Have you ever been in their position?
There was a time when you endured the stones
When the hungry lions used to pick your bones
The persecuted have become the persecutor
And the reasons for hatred all blend to a blur
But none of you can say who goes or stays
Everyone will be lined up on judgment day

133,306,668 pairs of wings were lost to hell
So many people's souls followed and fell
Guided by your warped words and lethal lies
You raised them to sin, raised their soul to die
You told your followers to fight or to fall
Told them to shed other's blood or lose it all
You taught them of peace only through battle
You sent the sheep out to slay the cattle
You twisted virtue, truth and purity into blight
And forever scarred the face of the light

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