Revenge And Pain

March 3, 2009
By LaDonna Hinton BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
LaDonna Hinton BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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You give your heart to this one person
and tell yourself this has got to be true.
but you never once think,
is that the way that they feel about you?
too blinded by that sudden moment of happiness
i compare it to someone being on drugs
and getting that
happy feeling when they are high,
but then after the high is gone,
they feel horrible like nothing matters,
like everything is going wrong,
how they cant wait for the next time they can feel that high.
this isnt the first time i tried
this thing called love with her
, but i made sure this time was the
last, she still was in love with
this boy, ha ha what a fool i had
been. telling everyone about her and
how she is my main girl.
what made it funny was i was a
secret when it came to her.
my mother knew about her and I
but i cant say
the same about her,
she has broken my heart,
I wonder if i should seek revenge, to make her feel as bad as she made me feel.
to go to her parents and say hey by the way, did you happen
to know your daughter was gay?? ha ha what a day that would be.
I know I could destroy her future
as fast as it would be to end the life of an ant by simply stepping
on it. She never thought about how this made me feel,
so makes me wonder why don't I just say
forget being civil and decent and make myself happy by making her miserable.
Its funny how she doesnt have the slightest clue
of how fast and easy I could turn her life into a living hell
because all of the skeletons in her closet, ha.
There is so much rage within my soul, its like burning flames, seeking a new place to spread to, ha ha. being upset and vengeful like this is not healthy at all. so I say to myself i need to let it all out on the person that caused this pain. but would it really heal my broken heart? negative. That's my real girlfriends job.

The author's comments:
This is a true story, and true emotions, about a past relationship i had with my girlfriend. It came straight from the heart Free Verse

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