dearly beloved

September 26, 2016
By Anonymous

i remember, i remember

the first phone call i got from my dad.

i was told my grandma was diagnosed with pancreas cancer.

at that moment i busted into tears.

the word cancer just upset me. 

i called my grandma she said its okay dont cry.

everything wasnt okay to me


i remember, i remember

when my dad and aunt moved her back from kentucky

i was upset that i didnt see her right away.

during christmas break, i finally saw her.

she didnt look ill at all.

she looked as if she didnt have cancer.

i walked into her room and said hello.

she actually got up and sat on the couch.

she hugged and kissed me.


i remember, i remember

seeing her skinny body laying in bed

i then knew she didnt have much longer left.

she was like a fragile butterfly.

i left for home and then got the call to come see her.

i brought her a boquet of flowers.

she was asleep when i saw her.

she could hear me speak.

i was afraid to touch her.

i held her cold hand.

i said goodbye to her.


i remember, i remember

the phone ringing at 4:30 in the morning.

i was told my grandma passed away.

my grandmother was now a child of god.

my grandma lays forver in my heart.

she is as beautiful as an angel.


                                      in loving memory of

                                        betty lynn 

The author's comments:

i was inspired to write or type this because my grandma was my everything and i got into my emotions and wrote a poem about her.

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