The Pianist

March 3, 2009
By , Riverside, RI
she walks down the hall
to the piano room
music drifting around her
like a bird gliding in the clouds
no lyrics, just a melody
more beautiful than anything she'd ever heard
she walks into the room
and listens
he plays piano
like it's his life
coming out in the music
all the pain, the love, the hope-
it's all there
he touches the ivory and black keys
like you would touch a lover
he gives himself up to the music
and they become one
lost in a world all his own
a magical world he created
where no bad could ever touch him
an escape from everything
and she yearns to be a part
of this amazing, amazing world
but she knows it's too amazing
for her to understand
and so she watches silently
hypnotized, mesmerized
he plays softly, sweetly
building into a crescendo...
...and then...
he looks up, startled
"oh, i didn't realize you'd come in"

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