Mystifying Connection

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Most girls write about boys
I'm writing about something else
You guess at the end
I connect with them
On another level
Better than with anyone
They have my trust
My unconditional love
Never would I betray them
Just as they protect me
I do the same for them
Guarding them from harm
As they do for me
From me,
They get as much love
As anyone else
They're just as special
Sometimes more
I understand them
As they understand me
Even with words unspoken
They dont fall for me acts
They're there forever & always
I'd risk it all to save them
Unconditional Love
They deserve nothing less
They deserve much much more
They have a place in my heart
Forever and always
My connection with them mistifies
So misunderstood
Is it really that hard?
To understand how I care for them?
I'd trade the world for them
They have my trust
My love
My honesty
My protection
Never would I give them less
Than what I have
For them, I have something to offer
No matter what
One of my first priorities
Get it yet?
I guard them as they guard me
I protect them as they do for me
Well, ponder on that for a while
Maybe consider getting a pet
That pet could change your life
Give them love and they'll love too
I know mine mean the world to me
Of course, that's not said right
They don't belong to me
I'd never own them
They're part of my family

The author's comments:
I had the best possible inspiration for this poem. I love them just as much as I say in my poem. It may suck, but it expressed how I feel about them. Well, some of how I feel about them anyway. I couldn't find the words to say just how much I care for them. They're my world. The Best Inspiration.

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