He Will Write Back When He Finds the Time to Stop Distracting Me

March 2, 2009
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i'll be beside you, when the sun goes down,
when the sun sets,
when the sun sinks,
while you stand guard, so that i can sleep,
so that i can rest,
so that i can dream,
there's a picture of you in my will, while i twitch,
while i turn,
while i stir,
you'll wake me to make sure that i'm fine, with your voice,
with your grace,
with your chords,
i beg for you to believe me, despite cold hands,

despite rising breath,

despite streams of tears,
don't worry about such helpless things, when my eyes are closed,

when i see new things,

when you are blind,
instead, bind my arms and hold me still, so that i don't shiver,

so that i don't quiver,

so that i don't tremble,
and hunch a little closer, so that you can hear me,

so that i can tell you,

so that you can translate,
and lie still with me in agreement, so that I know that,

so that I am conscious that,

so that I have oath that,

you'll be beside me, when the sun comes up,

when the sun rises,

when the sun sails.

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