March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Peer into her infinite soul-- see the pains she masks.
Hold on love, just hold on.
Its love you're after in this desolate world.
Desperately flailing to keep in control.
Your heart is in my grasp.
This emotion you feel, oh yes it's real.
Searing away to your very being.
Knees are buckling, breaths coming short.
The room is spinning, its all coming down.
Cleanse her soul and give her new meaning.
A new dawn is breaking with brand new style.
The face of an empty, made bright by a smile.
Seeking refuge in the places she knows.
She'll fall so in love, it will cost her that soul.

The author's comments:
It was inspired by the ravaging circle of love, and the urge for people to find meaning in life.

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