I Come From

September 16, 2016

I am from the cold steel forged
From the mountains
I am from the snow that fell
Upon my ancestral kin
The blood of the past
I’m from the some that has not spilled

From the sacrifice of nature
For many lives taken
By the hammer we live
I am from the winter that freezes over
From the struggles of my past kin

From the Scandinavian tribes
Of the heathen horde
I’m from the name I borrowed
returned untainted it must be
From generations passed
Here I am now

From many battles fought
Axes stained with blood
From soul’s descent to Valhalla
I am from the corpses of many fallen

The legacy of our name
kindled with Lothbrok blood
From the alliances forged with
My family line
The blood of many carried unto me

This is where I’m from
And from I am proud

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