"I Am From"

September 16, 2016

I am from never changing days
From meaningless actions that have no effect.
I am from a confusing life
Contradicting thoughts wage war in my head
And risks that i’m too afraid to take.
I am from a road i chose to walk alone.

I am from missed opportunities
From a risk I,at the time couldn't take.
I am from a life that's the opposite of what i wanted,a goal that's unreachable,but haunt my mind every living day.
I am from a thought that kills me.

I am from an insecure life
From a terrible voice and look.
I am from deciding that this keeps me from my goal,my goal fuels me to continue on,a goal that's unreachable or at least it seems.
I am from a deep thought
I am from a specific thought
From long amounts of free time.
I am from a happy childhood,where i never cared about anyone,or anything outside of my family
I am from complete depression but found hope within a single thought,a concept,a goal.
From two and a half years of not being able to stop thinking about this thought,this idea,this concept,this goal.

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