Fell Into Place

September 11, 2016
By Bacen_Music BRONZE, Vilas, North Carolina
Bacen_Music BRONZE, Vilas, North Carolina
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Have you ever looked back on the past
And had so many questions but you never asked
Marveled in wonder over how it all fell into place
Overwhelmed with gratefulness as a smile spreads across your face
All those times of struggle and trials
That seemed like they would never end and went on for miles
Then the trial passed and you could breathe 
Thinking wow He really is there for me how foolish of me not to believe
He got you through the storm just like He said He would
Now you feel bad for questioning if He really could
If you ever question if He really can do miracles like the Bible said
Or question if that blood was really shed
If you can always run to Him
Even when your light is quickly going dim
Look around and what do you see?
You and me, everything exactly how it’s supposed to be
The world created by a big boom
That’s ridiculous to assume
Especially when the evidence of Him is all around
I once was lost but now am found
He is I AM, Almighty, the beginning and end
The very one that took the place of our sin
What right do we have to question the only one that’s never lied
The one that took the ultimate price and died
We all do it I know
It’s pointless though
Just remember you are a child of the one true king
That should make you want to sing until everywhere His name rings
His children are priceless
He’s there for you no matter how big the mess
Next time you are presented with a  trial
Just call on His name and put on a smile
For you are His child and whatever He allows to go on
Will soon be over and gone
You’re His child so worry no longer
At the end of this trial you will come out stronger
Everything will fall into place
As long as you keep your faith rooted in God and your eyes on His face

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