A Poem About Nature

September 2, 2016
By Anonymous

my teacher told me to write a poem
one about nature and where  animals roam
but nothing seams to come to mind
and this feels like such a waste of time

how I wish I could stop
as I watch the clock
but if I miss the day it's due
I may not get a full graded redo

how awfull this poem is of mine
that it's as dull as a lime
but my teacher said I have to so
I'll give this poem another go

a poem about nature and what it contains
and how animals run from noisie trains
how people like to camp in the woods
where others never would

I'll add a bird flying high
as we slowly watch the day go by
and a fox that hunts during the night
not to be spotted in the sun light

what else can I add to this
but a dove to give some bliss
and a flower happy and in bloom
until lightning strikes and thunder booms

this is a poem of nature for you
something I wrote because I had to
I made the date and not to late
so now I leave to celebrate

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