August 31, 2016
By kbusch319 BRONZE, Maple Grove , Minnesota
kbusch319 BRONZE, Maple Grove , Minnesota
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Tracks of a beast he begins to follow

With a heart of fury, empty and hollow

He stalks his prey under the moon’s eerie light

Throughout the forest, and throughout the night

Every step is followed by bright yellow eyes

They sparkle and gleam under a childish disguise



The hunter turns in a rush

He strains to see through the dark, wooded brush

Merely a babe he finds, merely a young, innocent child

Not what he’s looking for, not a beast of the wild

He dismisses the child with the swish of his hand

His eyes turned forward to the unexplored land

Away he strides with his back to the danger

But he misses his chance, for this child is no stranger

A mask it wears, a mask of disguise

A mask which covers all but its eyes

Small fingers spring claws

As hands turn to paws

Hair begins to sprout where once was skin

Maw replaces mouth, with a wolfish grin

Where once was a child now stands a beast

A beast with yellow eyes, prepared for its feast

It begins to stalk forward, looking for its prey

The hunter becomes the hunted, in a game only beasts can play

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